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Re-enchanting female ageing in Consider the Lilies by Iain Mac a’ Ghobhainn

If we believe the fairytales we were told as children, old women are scary, disenchanted and resentful crones – with the evil fairy Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty or the Queen Grimhilde in Snow White, being famous western examples. In the Gaelic literary tradition, one of the earliest Irish poems ‘The Lament of the old woman of Beare’[1], concerns an old womanContinue reading “Re-enchanting female ageing in Consider the Lilies by Iain Mac a’ Ghobhainn”


 …….. on the margine of the world, beyond which there is found no lands in these bounds I was born and brought up in Dalry in Galloway, a small village which, in my limited sphere, I believed must be the beginning of the world and that everyone would know Dalry because it was the beginning of theContinue reading “Hirta”